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How could lifestyle possibly influence chronic diseases? This is a question posed by the educated and laymen alike. In a world where genetic mutations influence up to 50% of newborn babies in most first world countries, a natural alleviation of our suffering would be ideal. If found, such a concept will revolutionize our planet.

The key to this dream lies within the design of mankind. In the words of the psalmist, " I will praise thee; for I am fearfully and wonderfully made: marvellous are thy works; and that my soul knoweth right well." KJV — Psalm 139:14 Your body is a living wonder. In 2009, the University of Calgary discovered how the brain regulates fluid volume through neural circuits. This process is used to ensure an effective response to life threatening situations. ¹

It is this responsive ability that ensures the stability of the body under normal circumstances. In fact, a recent study suggests a finely tuned internal balance connects the entire human structure. While we have known about the neural network running through the spine, nothing could prepare us for what we were about to discover.

Organs and even tissue have complex communication systems and sensors that regulate, control and distribute internal energy levels. This is why a well balanced system has the ability to recover so quickly from life threatening dangers. Within the integrated framework supporting the system as a whole, the processing abilities of this complex system and the control and oversight abilities of the human mind lives a potent defense capable of restoring and protecting the human body against massive levels of stresses.²

We will briefly evaluate two such examples.

Skeletal integrity is of fundamental importance to the human body. This structure is secured using a complex system regulated by homeostasis. That is right, the same network, sensors and communication system connecting the metabolism of energy within the system regulates the development and resorption of bone. This enables the body to break down damaged bones and repair them. Through this process, systematic stress is neutralized and strengthened. Damaged parts of the structure will not rupture blood vessels, destroy soft tissue or cause internal injuries- because the impaired structure is reabsorbed as fundamental building blocks and transported to areas where material is needed. ³

Another example of the ingenious design of the human system is found in control mechanisms designed to regulate cholesterol levels within the body. These systems (within human limitations) bind excess fats and oils. Inversely, they react to shortages of this material by releasing stored deposits in a way that can maximize the efficiency of our bodies.⁴

These principles are based upon one simple concept. A super communication highway spans throughout organs, tissues and sells. This regulates energy and prioritizes certain important functions and processes.

When there are emergencies, your body has the ability to deal with them quickly and efficiently, if the balance inside your body is optimal. Unfortunately, disruptions in the system is common. Disturbances in the biological clock has the ability to hinder the work of homeostasis. In other words, temperance is vital to your well being.

Factors influencing this marvelous system range from sleeping and eating patterns, nutrient supplies, cardiovascular, digestive and neurological stability. In short, the key to unlocking this powerful tool lies within your lifestyle. In terms of health, you have the power to unlock your true potential.

Your body has the ability to heal itself. It does an astounding work. There are even tools designed to deal with genetic problems. All of these powerful mechanisms depend on one common factor. Unless the internal communication network, metabolic processes and sensors are working optimally, they cannot function.

NEWSTART maximizes the effects of homeostasis, allowing the body to fight back. Multiple problems ranging from hereditary to STDs, from addictions to syndromes vanish when we allow natural well being to do its work.

When God designed mankind, He formed you to handle just about anything. You were designed to live! Death is not natural. Come with us and explore all life was meant to be!


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