Healing Sanctuary

Who are we

Imagine a way of life that can curb disease, alleviate pain and increase your sense of wellness. This program is much more than a dream. It is real. Using the world renowned NEWSTART program, we have managed to take people of Heroin in 10 days, without withdrawal symptoms. In addition, we have reversed AIDS, diabetics, various kinds of cancer and much more. This has been done using absolutely no chemicals. Our success is due alone to Gods wisdom and guidance.

What is a lifestyle center

A lifestyle center is much more than a treatment facility. This is why we have chosen to name our center Sanctuary. Our dream is to create a place on earth that brings together the essence of true religion. Mankind needs a revelation of the holistic touch that Jesus dreams of adding to your world today.

Your food was designed by God to reach into your being and leave the finger prints of heaven inside of you. Through your lifestyle, diet and habits, God wished for you to find a living testimony of His love towards you. Healthful living can enable you to find this dream today. Beyond the darkness of this day lives a God dreaming of guiding you towards a better tomorrow.

No, we will not take you off your medication. Instead, we will take you to a medical professional who will revise and adjust your medication- where needed. There is nothing medical about anything we do.

Then what does this program entail?

Come and enjoy a well balanced meal, in the scenic comfort of the Western Cape mountains. Ocean view dinning enables you to let go of the distractions of life. Allow instrumental music to complete your breakfast. You see, we believe that food is therapy and fun is medication. That is why we strive to enhance your menu with tastes and flavored tailored to suit your needs.

We offer a range of exercises, from aquatic to mountain climbing. We have hiking trails, cardiovascular workouts as well as aerobic sessions. From your lungs to your mind, we believe in developing every muscle and organ in your body. You see, exercise enhances oxygen flow. Increased air allows for the production of more energy in your body. This culminates in the optimum performance of your body.

Our outdoor activities further enhance your sense of well being through supplying in the pure, fresh air that we all need. In addition, the sunlight cleanses the body, burns cholesterol and produces vitamin D.

Our guests enjoy access to a full range of hydrotherapy products, ranging from salt water pools, saunas, hydromassage chambers and steel rooms. In addition, we specialize in a range of massages, from detoxification to lymphatic drainage.

Yes, we use some herbs. They are used sparingly, in support of the program. There are no controlled or narcotic substances used at our center. In addition, we make extensive use of activated charcoal. This enables us to maximize the detoxification process in your body.

God lies at the heart of our program. Through daily bible study and prayer, we encourage people to enjoy a living relationship with Him. You can discover the vibrance and meaning of true faith today. We strive to united mankind with the God of love and healing.

His guidance, in scripture, provides the answers to our social, emotional, psychological and spiritual needs. These concepts become the framework that upholds our program. We realize Biblical principles. Come and find the meaning of true faith. Learn what it means to live in harmony with the word of God. Discover all life was meant to be!

Thank you for your continued support.

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