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In Genesis 3 we find a psychological application of Abraham Maslow's hierarchy of human needs. Satan is asking Eve whether she has enough food. After that, he ensures her that she is safe. He seems to understand her, care about her and have answers to her human needs. This seems to stand in relation to her social needs. Then he turns to her need for mental development. "Your eyes will be opened," he assures her. Through this, he promises to give her insight and wisdom beyond anything she has known before. Then he concludes, "You will become like God." Self actualization can not reach higher than the throne of God.

Yes, Satan himself reached towards the throne of God. Jealousy hungered for glory, due alone to God.

Beyond the motivation moving both demonic forces and sinners alike, lies a premises. Sin seems to understand you! It stands in direct relation to your needs. The power of evil appears to improve your wellbeing.

Religion needs to find an answer to these needs. Unless we can find a way to embrace the foundation of human existence using the word of God, the Bible can be nothing more than a nice book. Only in the light of a holistic approach to human existence can true religion live up to its claims.

Think about it this way: How can we find happiness, stability and hope in a world called heaven? Unless you find the fingers that fashioned your needs today, your eternal wellbeing is nothing but an empty fairytale. Reason demands a God who understands you - completely. Only within the presence of a Being who can complete you, can eternity bring about a heavenly hope.

God designed your needs. He fashioned them as a way through which He could reach deeper into your heart. True love needed passion to be much more than a mere artistic expression of admiration. Heaven demanded commitment to be a language that spoke to your heart and mind. Within this vibrant revelation of infinite devotion lives a revelation of the power that formed heaven itself. Scripture explains it in the following way, "And he shewed me a pure river of water of life, clear as crystal, proceeding out of the throne of God and of the Lamb." - Revelation 22:1, KJV.

This verse wants you to find - within the throne of God - the origin of all life. Your mere existence is based upon the principles upholding His rule. Without the power, wisdom, care and devotion of the Most High, life is impossible.

It is this power that lies at the heart of your needs. Within your need for food lives a revelation of the taste, texture, color and energy that wishes to define your life. God did not merely design you to live by eating. He designed food as a way to reveal the depth, beauty and inspiration that life could bring about in the presence of the Bread of Life. Every single bite of food was fashioned to impress upon your mind the meaning of true love.

God designed human limitations so that we can find - in the strengths of others - an idea of the inherent value that you hold within yourself. My incompletion enables others to become fragrant streams of beauty touching my heart with sincere care. Without needs, my life would be lonely, empty and devoid of meaning and direction. Infinite wisdom alone could design a way through which social interaction could reach beyond mere friendship. True love shields me in the arms of selfless love and brings about stability and fulfilment.

Mankind was formed to find - within our desire to learn and understand - a way to see ourselves through the eyes of God. A deeper understanding of the effort, commitment and energy invested into your life, will help you see the power of God. An all-powerful Being dreams of guiding your thoughts like He moves billions of galaxies untold. The warmth and beauty of the of sunrise flare dreams to speak of the Author of the solar flare. This God of love wishes to flood every detail of your life with the gentle breath of sunrise hues.

It is through this revelation that you can find self actualization. True love alone can set you free from the limitations of a single mortal being. Passion reaches beyond the here and now. It brings time, space and energy together within a single moment. Smiles live forever. Devotion broadens my horizons and writes - within my heart - the fingerprints of friends.

This is where the survival driven dreams of emptiness fall short. They limit me to the here and now. It chains me to the empty world of me. Slowly, it isolates, destroys and limits me to the point where I die.

Scripture declares concerning Jesus, "Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me. KJV — John 14:6"

Come join us on a journey that will redefine the meaning of your life. God alone can restore the missing pieces of your soul. Within His presence lives the power that dreams to be your motivation.

Thank you for your continued support.

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