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Sugar and your health

August 27, 2018 marks the culmination of the latest round of arguments regarding the highly debated world if refined sugar.¹ Numerous arguments for and against the cornerstone of modern cuisine was presented in the magazine "Progress in Cardiovascular Diseases."

Sadly, there is one glaring omissions from this article. There is no statistics. Arguments and theories alone combine to draw conclusion and enforce opinions.

Science doesn't work that way.

In fact, all scientific studies unite to warn against the dangers of refined sugar. This is why the World Health Organization today advises a reduction of up to 90% of processed sweeteners.

Truth be told, refined sugar has been at the heart of many recent studies. In fact, an article published in April 2018 (American Journal of Preventive Medicine) states that refined sugar intake in pregnant woman is dangerous. It is said to have a direct impact on the mental and cognitive health of the child.²

Further studies have shown how sugar intake influences mice brains. This study also shows how omega 3 fatty acids can in turn improve and stimulate cognitive function. ³

The mind is not the only part of your body influenced by sugar.

At the child and family research institute, it has been found that sugar plays an important role in the control of sexual hormones. This is because excess sugar in the liver is converted into lipid. Lipid in turn is a SHBG (sex hormone binding globulin) protein reducing agent. Science has also found a link in the prediabetic statistics and SHBG. In addition, excessive sugar consumption also influences infertility, cancer and cardiovascular statistics.⁴

In fact, a recent article in the" Progress in Cardiovascular Diseases," it is shown that sugar intake might have a bigger impact on the heart than cholesterol.⁵

It's rather easy to understand. God designed food to be both tasty and healthy. By changing the structure and content of our food, we undermine the chemical balance designed to provide in our physical needs. Refined products hold an inherent danger. Natural food groups supply in the energy demands of the body in a very special way. It replaces the energy used to digest our food, while creating extra supplies for your body to live off. Altering this fragile balance not only disturbs the balance within the system, but damages organs and systems.

Restore your health today. Return to a natural diet.


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